Water Services

N-Tec Services offer various water solutions these include supply, installation and maintenance Booster Sets, Rain Water Harvesting systems, Boreholes, Water Storage tanks, UV Units and Filtration systems. For mains systems and private water supplies.

Where the mains water supply may be poor and unable to supply the required flow or pressure a water storage tank and booster set is often used to improve the supply to the property, we carry out works for domestic and commercial customers. We can supply and install replacement, pumps, pressure vessel and variable speed controls or complete new system.

Utilising rain water can offer substantial savings in water usage we offer sales, installation, maintenance and spares for a variety of different systems.

Boreholes can provide a water supply in locations where a mains water supply is unavailable or as a way to reduce the amount of mains water being used. We can supply install and maintain new pumps, controls, UV Lamps and filter cartridges to ensure that the water is meeting the required standards. We can carry out sampling of water from private water supplies to monitor the quality.


Some of the manufacturers that we work with